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Špela Pipan, curator

The latest photo series by Nataša Segulin QUID ULTRA? ("What Is Beyond?") already alludes to something magical in its title. In a project developed over a period of five years, the artist questions the spirit of the times, together with the light and dark sides of life and, in a broader sense, our existence and history. The current works were created in the artist's characteristic minimalist style of clean compositions and with a keen sense of the visual language of the selected images. Nataša Segulin takes architecture, spatial details and nature as a starting point for the series, but frames them and presents them transformed into mysterious and indecipherable images.
The seemingly highly abstract photographs are placed in real time and space by the titles and years of origin of the works, which reveal the various places in the world where they were created. Looking at the photographs in the QUID ULTRA? series, we as viewers are thus involved in a constant oscillation between the real and the abstract, our gaze being drawn beyond the visual image to the inner essence of the photograph through the details of light or space. The artist's expression symbolically uses dark tones as a metaphor for silence and also for the unconscious, while light takes on the role of hope. Through the artist's lens and intuitive creative process, we witness her inner dialogue between seeing and feeling, beyond
our individual and universal expectations and illusions. At the same time, her photographs invite us to see deeper and discover what lies beyond a façade, behind the curtain of the visible and the invisible.

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